The Top-3 Best landing spots for Tom Brady

his off-season Tom Brady, arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time, could be leaving New England to play with another franchise.  There have been rumors of him joining the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders even the Indianapolis Colts.  None of those options provide an opportunity for Brady to both play with an established team and prove he can win a championship outside of Foxborough. Here are the Top 3 best landing spots for Brady.

Sports Q&A Podcast

We discuss the new NBA Free Agency/Trade Model and will it be the future of the league. It’s Rivalry Week in College Football and its time to talk about how much of a swing the rivalry can make in these games. Both Q&A discuss what they are thankful for this year in the sports world.…

Sports Q&A Podcast: September 22nd Edition

Recap of the September 22nd Show: Does the legacy of Tom Brady change now that New England is playing well with a rookie quarterback? Has your opinion of black athletes changed due to the response to the civil unrest in the nation? What’s going on in college football; who are the contenders and pretenders