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Quinne Lowe has been an avid sports fan since he could remember, his love for sports was cemented with two in-person sporting events; seeing his beloved Pistons play the hated Boston Celtics in a 1987 playoff game at the Pontiac Silverdome and witnessing one of the best in-state college football rivalries Michigan versus Michigan State the fall of 1990 (and for the record that was pass interference on desmond.) From those moments he knew sports would always be one of his true loves and while he has seen more than his share heartbreaking moments because of the teams he follow: The 0-16 2008 Lions, the 43-113 Detroit Tigers, and watching the Wolverines call ill-advised time outs in 1993 and lose to a 1-AA program in 2007; He has also had celebratory moments as well like the 1997 National Championship, 3 NBA titles (88/89-89-90, 2004) and witnessing perhaps of the two best players at their position in NFL wear the Honolulu blue and silver, Barry Sanders and Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.

Because almost all of his conversations eventually turned into sports debates and even arguments, he decided to team up with his brother from another mother Allan Washington aka “A” and establish “Sports Q&A” to give those who love sports another outlet to vent and celebrate the happenings of their favorite teams and topics.

About A:


Being born into the perfect sports generation it was only natural that Allan Washington would become a sports traditionalist….it all started in ’84. His first year of organized sports(baseball) playing for the Mets at Skinner Park and winning the only championship of his career(city championships don’t count) partnered with the Detroit Tigers miracle season lead him to believe in the only thing that matters in team sports, the Love for the Game. That love eventually spread to basketball, football, tennis and golf and every other sport that was shown on TV from curling to table tennis….he became addicted. And with any addiction that habit needed to be fed like Pookie from New Jack City. He became addicted to the daily sports page taking it to school starting in the 4th grade gaining a greater sense of how big this sports thing was. Being a true loyalist loving every Detroit team and of course The University of Michigan he was privileged to some of the greatest sports in the 80s and 90s. The best memory from his childhood was attending the 1991 Detroit Lions/Cowboys playoff game seeing the 1st and only playoff win in Lions history (SMH). His college athletic career allowed him to see he was best suited for coaching and he went on to coach baseball and basketball which lead to his transformation. The transformation from a die-hard homer to a true sports fan who thrives to understand the game within the game….Yada Yada Yada……there came Sports Q&A…..he tends to be the most controversial of the two, but coming from a Lions fanatic what else can you expect….come and enjoy the ride


Joshua Thicklin

IMG_20120513_084130 (1)


Growing up towards the tail end of the 90’s and the new millennium Josh a south Florida boy from West Palm Beach has been a true sports fan since he witnessed Jordan’s last shot as a Chicago Bull in the 1998 NBA finals with his father. Despite his father being an avid Heat, Dolphins, and Marlins fan Josh developed a west coast sports fan flavor becoming a die heart Lakers, San Francisco Giants fan from the time he could form sentences.

The story lines of triumph, failure, and resurgence behind sports is what truly caused Josh to become a walking almanac, reading and soaking up as much info on sports as possible. Josh growing up was always the one kid in the barbershop debating whatever sports topic would come up from NFL to NHL. In 7th grade Josh told his parents that he wanted to become a sports broadcaster/journalist.

Josh continues to follow his dreams and is now currently a Radio-Television major at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Josh is the newest member of the Sports Q&A team.

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  1. I would like to touch base just to get a better understanding out what you guys do. Please give me a call next week at 313-471-2363.

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