Salma Al Majidi: Sudan’s First Woman to Coach Men’s Soccer

Ashraf Shazly / AFP


Black girl magic is not just a hashtag but a way of life for many black women in the U.S. and abroad. Salma Al-Majidi is embracing that magic as the first woman to ever coach a men’s soccer team in the African country of Sudan.

Due to strict Islamic rule within the country, there are no women’s soccer teams and not being satisfied with sitting on the sidelines watching her brother play, Al-Majidi decided to satisfy her passion for the game by becoming a coach.

After facing initial pushback from players who weren’t used to women having authority over them and family members who thought she had no business in the sport, Al-Majidi quickly earned their respect by studying and knowing the game. In 2015 she was recognized as one of the “100 Inspirational Women” by the BBC and she currently holds the African “B” badge in coaching which allows her to coach any first league team across the continent.

Her ultimate goal is to coach an international team and with all that she has accomplished in a short time, she should achieve that goal in no time.

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