US News offers a unique solution to ending sexual assault on college campuses



End college football…

Yes, you read that right. Rather than hold adults accountable for their own actions, US News would rather offer a blanket solution. How about we tell men to keep their damn hands to themselves, provide information on how women can protect themselves from becoming victims… hell I would have even settled for an increase of campus security on campuses where there are the most reports of incidents.

But US News writer Lindsey Cook feels that the best way to stop sexual predators from attacking women on college campuses is by ending the second most popular sport in the nation, because if their favorite team wins they’ll get pissy drunk and take it out on coeds.

Research gathered showed that celebrating victories on Fridays and Saturdays during football season resulted in  an uptick of drunkenness which led to non-consensual activities between adults.

But I must ask, how is this the fault of hundreds of football programs across this nation?

I know its been almost 14 years since I was an undergrad at Eastern Michigan University, but I can’t recall needing a reason to partake of alcoholic libations. Maybe it was because our football team wasn’t good so we couldn’t rely on them to provide too many celebratory moments, but my freshman year coincided with the school down the street, the University of Michigan, winning a national championship and many of my fellow eagles vicariously celebrated through that team’s success.

Even when we celebrated hard at no point did we ever get so drunk that we cast out all inhibitions and blame it on the fact that Michigan won. And while I don’t know anyone that has sexually accosted a woman but if I did, I don’t think they would be scheduling their attacks around the victories of their favorite team… so I call B.S. on the connection

Cook even went as far as gathering data and producing a chart that showed the increase levels of reported victims and how there was a significant rise during the weekend. The data collected does reveal an issue, but did the study ever once consider that people tend to drink more on the weekend regardless of being football fans?


160107data-rape-graphic And as damning as these data appear to be, the report loses credibility with this following sentence:

The increase in those rapes and assaults isn’t directly attributed to the sport of football, but to the spikes in drinking and partying on college campuses that accompany football games, especially big wins.

So if these acts can’t be directly linked, then why should campuses get rid of football?

There are so many unanswered questions from this report

  1. What schools were used to conduct this study?
  2. Is there documentation on the number of incidents on campuses that didn’t have football programs
  3. What do the numbers look like on non-football weekends
  4. What are the statistics for universities that are considered “party schools”
  5. Was data collected from similar-aged adults who didn’t attend college?

This was nothing more than a shock piece written to garner clicks on the eve of the College Football National Championship — it was no coincidence that she used an image of one of the teams involved in the game.

Do you really think getting rid of college football will end the despicable culture of sexual assaults? The issue of sexual assault and rape needs to be taken more seriously on a larger platform but this article actually may have done more harm than good because it was incomplete.

Later in the article, Cook randomly cites a study that claims that the success of the Oregon football team in 2012 had an adverse effect on the grade point averages of its male students.

So not only does cheering for your local football team makes you drink to levels that you assault women, but it also makes you dumb as well… who knew!!!

If you would like to read the full article here is the LINK

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