2015 Big 10 Football: 10 Burning Questions

2015 Big 10 Football: 10 Burning Questions

1. Can Ohio State run the table again?

Can they, yes… will they, I don’t think so. It is a different feeling being the hunted as you will get every opponents best shot. The first test is this Monday against Virginia Tech and head coach Urban Meyer just decided on a starting quarterback. If its Cardale Jones, he will not be able to sneak up on anyone this year.

2. Can the Spartans win the conference?

Other than questions at defensive back, the Spartans have all the intangibles needed to make a championship run. After being embarrassed by Ohio State last year at home, revenge will be on the minds of Sparty. Connor Cook and Shilique Calhoun did not say no to the NFL to finish second this year.

3. Will the Wolverines live up to the Harbaugh hype this season?

Depending on who you ask, no. Everyone thinks this team is 1-2 years away from being relevant in the conference. Not this guy! Coaching and a new lease on football life should be good enough for at least two more victories. Unlike some, considering the scores in the previous three games (25-21, 42-41 and 42-28) the gap against OSU isn’t as great as “experts” claim… now MSU is another story. Harbaugh must toughen the team up to contend with the state rival.

4. Who is the best offensive/defensive players in the B1G?

Offensive-J.T. Barrett QB OSU, the redshirt sophomore was on his way to New York for the Heisman ceremony before breaking his ankle last year and his arm/feet are talented enough to make him a darkhorse candidate again this year. Defensive- Joey Bosa DE OSU. He just finds ways of taking over games on the defensive line that is down right irritating if your team is facing him — easily a top three pick in the 2016 draft.

5. Which coach is on the hottest seat this season?

My answer would have been Tim Beckman had he not been fired so now I’ll have to go with Kirk Ferentz of Iowa. He has found success in Iowa City but it recently they aren’t living up to expectations, if CJ Beatherd struggles this season, many Hawkeyes supporters will have some choice words for Ferentz running off senior Jake Rudock to Michigan.

6. Will adding a ninth conference game hurt or help the conference?

No, only if athletic directors don’t resort to scheduling cupcakes in the non-conference to balance out the tough conference schedule. With Michigan, Penn State expected to rebound from a down period and if teams like Maryland, Minnesota and Northwestern can stay competitive the playoff voting committee will give the top team in the conference the benefit of the doubt. It just can’t be the Big 2 and Little 12

7. Which new coach, not named Harbaugh,  will have the most to prove this season?

Paul Chryst at Wisconsin will have more pressure because of the expectations in cheese country. The Badgers have become a staple at the top of the Big 10 East and it will be a big disappointment to see them not in Indianapolis.

8. Which first year player will have the biggest impact this season?

He has been up in East Lansing for a season but after taking a redshirt last season, Madre London’s has the chance to lead the Spartans rush attack. Coach Dantonio has already trusted him by giving him the edge at starting running back and the guy Dantonio anoints as starter usually produces… a lot.

9. Is this the year someone other than Wisconsin/Nebraska wins the Big Ten West?

I don’t think so; As good as people think Minnesota will be we saw how they fare against better talent in the loss to TCU. I think Wisconsin, even with a Paul Chryst taking over, will still have too much firepower to guide the Badgers back to the Big Ten Title… too bad the East Division winner will eat them for lunch.

10.  Who wins the Big Ten, and will they qualify for the College Football playoffs?

The Buckeyes have all the hype heading into 2015, and they’ve earned it being the national champion, but I think MSU has enough talent to get past them and will represent the division in Indianapolis, IN. Connor Cook will find a way to will the Spartans to a championship and even with one loss to Oregon will head to the playoffs.

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