Real Recognition for the Big Guys: SBNation Creates the “Piesman Trophy”


Stop laughing…

and yes this is a legitimate award…

Tired of only having skills players recognized for outstanding plays, the guys over at SBNation decided to create an award that acknowledges the top play of the year made by an offensive or defensive lineman.

It could be an eligible lineman rumbling bumbling and stumbling a long distance to score a touchdown or perhaps the more recognizable fumble recovery for the score by a larger than life defensive tackle, but whatever type of play it is, college lineman will now get more notoriety than just the simple top play of the night recognition from ESPN or FoxSports.

Unlike its more prestigious brethren, the Heisman Trophy which only recognizes the top player on the Division-1 level, the winner of the Piesman will chosen from a pool of plays that involve players on all levels of collegiate play from FBS through Division III.

There is a 24-person voting committee — yes its this serious, if you cant already tell — that includes six members of the SBNation staff and 18 other highly-esteemed voters:

  • Jane Coaston
  • Spencer Hall
  • Jason Kirk
  • Rodger Sherman
  • Stephen White
  • Luke Zimmermann
  • Kay Adams, NBC Sports Network
  • Holly Anderson, Grantland
  • Joel Anderson, BuzzFeed
  • Nicole Auerbach, USA Today
  • Kerith Burke, SNY
  • Ty Hildenbrandt, The Solid Verbal
  • Amanda Kludt, Eater
  • Paul Myerberg, USA Today
  • Katie Nolan, FOX Sports 1
  • Chip Patterson, CBS Sports
  • Chris Plante, The Verge
  • Martin Rickman, Uproxx Sports
  • Ralph Russo, Associated Press
  • Geoff Schwartz, New York Giants
  • Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated
  • Andrew Steinthal, The Infatuation
  • Pablo Torre, ESPN
  • Lang Whitaker,

And while the website will have its own set of people scouring the internet and highlight reels for the best of the best, it also is encouraging the fans to submit their own candidates through social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #PIESMAN and twitter account @piesmantrophy

Coincidentally the winner will be announced during an awards ceremony scheduled  for December 11, 2015  in New York City, NY the night before the Heisman winner is recognized.

And just in case you were wondering, yes they will be serving pie at the awards ceremony… could they have it any other way

We here at Sports Q&A will be on the lookout for that prime candidate and may even highlight our own big man submissions each week.


courtesy SBNation

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