Sports Q&A 2015 NFL Mock Draft

2007 NFL Draft - April 28, 2007

(selections of Tuesday 4/28/2015)

The 2015 NFL Draft is upon us and for a lot of teams this is the pre-season Super Bowl  for those trying to bounce back from a disappointing previous season. Even with only a few days away from the first pick being announced by Roger Goodell, there still is a lot of uncertainty:

Who will be the No. 2 selection…will Tennessee keep the pick or will they be swayed by a nice bounty offered up by some team desperate to get a new quarterback?

Will there be any trades?

Which position will have the most selections, they say receiver is once again a deep position but could this be the year of the edge rusher?

Which university will have the most representation. Alabama and Nick Saban have been the king of the drafts but could we see a former powerhouse rebound with multiple selections on the first day?

Everyone is an expert when it comes to the Draft and nowadays everyone has his/her version, but here is one more from the guys at Sports Q&A. We also included some picks by other websites that we follow to give you an idea of how truly off most of these picks are.

Be sure to check out our podcast that will be posted soon to hear our logic behind many of these selections (I think Al just had a dartboard and just guessed.)

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers bucs

NEEDS: QB, OL, Pass Rusher

Allan: Jameis Winston QB- Florida St.

Quinne: Jameis Winston QB- Florida St.

Drafttek: Jameis Winston QB- Florida St.

Walter Football: Jameis Winston QB- Florida St.

Peter King: Jameis Winston QB- Florida St.

Todd McShay: Jameis Winston QB- Florida St.

2. Tennessee Titanstitans-logo-blue

Team Needs: QB, DL, CB

Allan: Leonard Williams DL- USC

Quinne: Marcus Mariotta QB- Oregon

Drafttek: Leonard Williams DL- USC

Walter Football: Marcus Mariotta QB- Oregon

Peter King: Marcus Mariotta QB- Oregon

Todd McShay: Marcus Mariotta QB- Oregon

3. Jacksonville Jaguarsjax

Team Needs: OT, RB, CB

Allan: Brandon Scherff OT- Iowa

Quinne: Leonard Williams DL- USC

Drafttek: Dante Fowler DE- Florida

Walter Football: Dante Fowler DE- Florida

Peter King: Amari Cooper WR- Alabama

Todd McShay: Dante Fowler DE- Florida

4. Oakland Raiders oakland-raiders-black-1920x1080

Team Needs: Pass Rusher, WR, CB

Allan: Amari Cooper WR- Alabama

Quinne: Amari Cooper WR- Alabama

Drafttek: Kevin White WR- WVU

Walter Football: Leonard Williams DL- USC

Peter King: Leonard Williams DL- USC

Todd McShay: Amari Cooper WR- Alabama

5. Washington Redskins redskins

Team Needs: Pass Rusher, DB, OT

Allan: Shane Ray OLB- Missouri

Quinne: Dante Fowler DE- Florida

Drafttek: Amari Cooper WR- Alabama

Walter Football: Vic Beasley DE- Clemson

Peter King: Vic Beasley DE- Clemson (trade with Atlanta @8)

Todd McShay: Shane Ray OLB- Missouri

6. New York Jets jets_logo

Team Needs: QB, OT, CB

Allan: Marcus Mariotta QB- Oregon

Quinne: Randy Gregory DE- Nebraska

Drafttek: Marcus Mariotta QB- Oregon

Walter Football: Amari Cooper WR- Alabama

Peter King: Andrus Peat OT- Stanford

Todd McShay: Todd Gurley RB- Georgia

7. Chicago Bearschicago-bears-logo-large

 Team Needs: Pass Rusher, LB, DB

Allan: Vic Beasley DE- Clemson

Quinne: Kevin White WR- WVU

Drafttek: Trae Waynes CB- Michigan St

Walter Football: Kevin White WR- WVU

Peter King: Alvin Dupree DE- Kentucky

Todd McShay: Leonard Williams DL- USC

8. Atlanta Falcons atlanta-falcons-logo-2013

Team Needs: Pass Rusher, TE, DB

Allan: Dante Fowler DE- Florida

Quinne: Vic Beasley DE- Clemson

Drafttek: Vic Beasley DE- Clemson

Walter Football: Alvin Dupree DE- Kentucky

Peter King: Dante Fowler (trade with Washington @5)

Todd McShay: Randy Gregory OLB- Nebraska

9. New York Giantsgiants

Team Needs: Pass rusher, ILB, OLB

Allan: La’el Collins OT- LSU

Quinne: Alvin Dupree DE- Kentucky

Drafttek: Ereck Flowers OT- Miami

Walter Football: Brandon Scherff OT- Iowa

Peter King: Brandon Scherff OT- Iowa

Todd McShay: Brandon Scherff OT- Iowa

10. St. Louis Rams rams

Team Needs: QB, RB, CB

Allan: Trae Waynes CB- Michigan St

Quinne: Brandon Scherff OT- Iowa

Drafttek: Brandon Scherff OT- Iowa

Walter Football: Ereck Flowers OT- Miami

Peter King: Ereck Flowers OT- Miami

Todd McShay: Kevin White WR- WVU

11. Minnesota Vikings Vikings7

Team Needs: OT, RB, CB

Allan: Marcus Peters CB- Washington

Quinne: Trae Waynes CB- Michigan St

Drafttek: Randy Gregory OLB- Nebraska

Walter Football: DeVante Parker WR- Louisville

Peter King: Trae Waynes CB- Michigan St.

Todd McShay: Trae Waynes CB- Michigan St.

12. Cleveland Brownsbrowns

Team Needs: WR, ILB, DL

Allan: Kevin White WR- WVU

Quinne: DeVante Parker WR- Louisville

Drafttek: Danny Shelton DT- Washington

Walter Football: Danny Shelton DT- Washington

Peter King: Danny Shelton DT- Washington

Todd McShay: DeVante Parker WR- Louisville

13. New Orleans Saintssaints

Team Needs: CB, Pass Rusher, WR

Allan: Kevin Johnson CB- Wake Forest

Quinne: Breshad Perriman WR- UCF

Drafttek: Shane Ray OLB- Missouri

Walter Football: Shane Ray OLB- Missouri

Peter King: Kevin White WR- WVU

Todd McShay: Vic Beasley DE- Clemson

14. Miami DolphinsMiami_Dolphins

Team Needs: LB, OT, CB

Allan: Todd Gurley RB- Georgia

Quinne: Todd Gurley RB- Georgia

Drafttek: DeVante Parker WR- Louisville

Walter Football: Trea Waynes CB- Michigan St

Peter King: Todd Gurley RB- Georgia

Todd McShay: Breshad Perriman WR- UCF

15. San Francisco 49ers49ers

Team Needs: OL, DL, Pass rusher

Allan: Arik Armstead DL- Oregon

Quinne: Danny Shelton DT- Washington

Drafttek: Malcolm Brown DT- Texas

Walter Football: Kevin Johnson CB- Wake Forest

Peter King: Arik Armstead DL- Oregon (trade with Kansas City @18)

Todd McShay: Arik Armstead DL- Oregon

16. Houston Texanshou

 Team Needs: RB, WR, OT

Allan: DeVante Parker WR- Louisville

Quinne: Malcolm Brown DT- Texas

Drafttek: Melvin Gordon RB- Wisconsin

Walter Football: Todd Gurley RB- Georgia

Peter King: Phillip Dorsett WR- Miami

Todd McShay: Nelson Agholor WR- USC

17. San Diego Chargerssan-diego-chargers-nfl-helmet

Team needs: RB, OL, OLB

Allan: Malcolm Brown DT- Texas

Quinne: La’el Collins OT- LSU

Drafttek: Todd Gurley RB- Georgia

Walter Football: Andrus Peat OT- Stanford

Peter King: La’el Collins OT- LSU

Todd McShay: Danny Shelton DT- Washington

18. Kansas City Chiefschiefsplain1024x768

Team Needs: WR, CB, OT

Allan: Alvin Dupree DE- Kentucky

Quinne: Jalen Strong WR- Arizona St.

Drafttek: Cameron Erving OL- FSU

Walter Football: La’el Collins OT- LSU

Peter King: DeVante Parker WR- Louisville (trade with San Fran @15)

Todd McShay: Cameron Erving OL- FSU

19. Cleveland Browns browns

Team Needs: QB, DT, WR

Allan: Erick Kendricks ILB- UCLA

Quinne: Arik Armstead DL- Oregon

Drafttek: Alvin Dupree DE- Kentucky

Walter Football: DJ Humphries OT- Florida

Peter King: Breshad Perriman WR- UCF

Todd McShay: Malcolm Brown DT- Texas

20. Philadelphia Eagles eagles

Team Needs: WR, S, OG

Allan: Landon Collins S- Alabama

Quinne: Marcus Peters CB- Washington

Drafttek: Jalen strong WR- Arizona St.

Walter Football: Nelson Agholor WR- USC

Peter King: Damarious Randle S- Arizona St.

Todd McShay: Landon Collins S- Alabama

21. Cincinnati Bengalsb-letter-cincinnati-bengals_1600x1200_172-standard

Team Needs: OT, OLB, TE

Allan: Carl Davis DT- Iowa

Quinne: DJ Humphries OT- Florida

Drafttek: La’el Collins OT- LSU

Walter Football: Doriel Green-Beckham WR- Oklahoma

Peter King: Jake Fisher OT- Oregon

Todd McShay: Andrus Peat OT- Stanford

22. Pittsburgh Steelerssteelers_black_logo

Team Needs: CB, S, OLB

Allan: Randy Gregory OLB- Nebraska

Quinne: Kevin Johnson CB- Wake Forest

Drafttek: Kevin Johnson CB- Wake Forest

Walter Football: Randy Gregory OLB- Nebraska

Peter King: Kevin Johnson CB- Wake Forest

Todd McShay: Alvin Dupree DE- Kentucky

23. Detroit LionsIMG_1304

Team Needs: DT, OT, RB

Allan: Ereck Flowers OT- Miami

Quinne: Cameron Erving OL- FSU

Drafttek: Andrus Peat OT- Stanford

Walter Football: Melvin Gordon RB- Wisconsin

Peter King: Cameron Erving OL- FSU

Todd McShay: La’el Collins OT- LSU

24. Arizona Cardinalscards

Team Needs: Pass Rusher, ILB, RB

Allan: Owamagbe Odighizuwa OLB- UCLA

Quinne: Shaq Thompson OLB- Washington

Drafttek: Shaq Thompson OLB- Washington

Walter Football: Arik Armstead DT- Oregon

Peter King: Melvin Gordon RB- Wisconsin

Todd McShay: Kevin Johnson CB- Wake Forest

25. Carolina Pantherspanthers

Team Needs: OT, CB, WR

Allan: Cameron Erving OL- FSU

Quinne: Andrus Peat OT- Stanford

Drafttek: Landon Collins S- Alabama

Walter Football: Shaq Thompson OLB- UCLA

Peter King: Nelson Agholor WR- USC

Todd McShay: Ereck Flowers OT- Miami

26. Baltimore RavensRavensold

Team Needs: WR, CB, OLB

Allan: Byron Jones CB- Connecticut

Quinne: Melvin Gordon RB- Wisconsin

Drafttek: Jalen Collins CB- LSU

Walter Football: Breshad Perriman WR- UCF

Peter King: Marcus Peters CB- Washington

Todd McShay: Melvin Gordon RB- Wisconsin

27. Dallas Cowboyscowboys

Team Needs: RB, ILB, DT

Allan: Breshad Perriman WR- UCF

Quinne: Eric Kendricks ILB- UCLA

Drafttek: Byron Jones CB- Connecticut

Walter Football: Jalen Collins CB- LSU

Peter King: Malcolm Brown DT- Texas

Todd McShay: Byron Jones CB- Connecticut

28. Denver Broncosbroncos

Team Needs: OT, OG, TE

Allan: Maxx Williams TE- Minnesota

Quinne: Ereck Flowers OT- Miami

Drafttek: TJ Cummings OT- Pitt

Walter Football: Cameron Erving OL- FSU

Peter King: Cedric Ogbuehi OT- Texas A&M

Todd McShay: DJ Humphries OT- Florida

29. Indianapolis Coltsindianapolis-colts

Team Needs: OT, DT, OLB

Allan: Shaq Thompson OLB- Washington

Quinne: Landon Collins S- Alabama

Drafttek: Eddie Goldman DT- FSU

Walter Football: Landon Collins S- Alabama

Peter King: Landon Collins S- Alabama

Todd McShay: Eli Harold OLB- Virginia

30. Green Bay Packerspack

Team Needs: CB, ILB, NT

Allan: Ronald Darby CB- FSU

Quinne: Byron Jones CB- Connecticut

Drafttek: Eric Kendricks ILB- UCLA

Walter Football: Eric Kendricks ILB- UCLA

Peter King: Denzel Perryman ILB- Miami

Todd McShay: Eric Kendricks ILB- UCLA

31. New Orleans Saints saints

Team Needs: WR, TE, Pass rusher 

Allan: DJ Humphries OT- Florida

Quinne: Shane Ray DE- Missouri

Drafttek: Paul Dawson ILB- TCU

Walter Football: Phillip Dorsett WR- Miami

Peter King: Randy Gregory DE- Nebraska

Todd McShay: Phillip Dorsett WR- Miami

32. New England Patriotsnew-england-patriots-logo

Team Needs:  G, CB, DT

Allan: Eric Rowe CB- Utah

Quinne: Eddie Goldman DT- FSU

Drafttek: Marcus Peters CB- Washington

Walter Football: Eddie Goldman DT- FSU

Peter King: Shane Ray DE- Missouri

Todd McShay: Marcus Peters CB- Washington

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