3 Keys to Lions Playoff Victory vs. Cowboys


Most people would say the biggest key for victory for the Lions would date back to 1991, their last playoff victory, but nothing from then is relevant now . Here are the 3 Keys that will equate to a Lions victory against the Cowboys.

1. Joe Lombardi

The highly acclaimed OC who promised this Offense would be a new and improved version of the Saints. Some people agree, but the likeness is to this years Saints who looked more like the Aints of the 80s. Lombardi has tinkered and molded this offense all season and now is he chance to show 17 weeks of evolution can lead the Lions to the promise land. A clock consuming balanced offense that scores more TDs than FGs is the only acceptable outcome. He has the allotment of weapons that any OC would kill for, so the question is will he let it all ride and hit blackjack or bust.

2. Glover Quin & James Ihedigbo


This tandem is quietly becoming one of the best safety tandems in the league. The have protected the D from the deep ball all season to the tune of 11 picks between them. They will have to defend against big plays from Dez and the consistency of Witten. Their #1 job is to make Tony Romo feel “too” comfortable and take risks and create turnovers. Their success, of course, depends on the pressure created by the front 7, but thats been the case all year.

3. Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson


Most pundits feel Megatron is the spoon that stirs the pot for the Lions, see Pro Bowl selection, but its fair to say they wouldn’t be in the playoffs without Tate’s clutch performance. The big-time highlight plays seem to belong to Megatron, but Tate’s key plays when Johnson was out and seemingly automatic 3rd down plays to extend drives are paramount to their success. A perfect blend between these two big time WRs is the only way the Lions can match the Cowboys offensive potential.

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