The Season of Fear: 365/24/7


The uproar is here….anger, disgust, hate, dismay are among the feelings of many in the nation. A lot of these feelings are justified, but they all stem from one major feeling that no one wants to admit, FEAR!


A great deal of the issues we have stem from a lack of understanding compounded by the fear that guides that mindset. The fear isn’t one-sided either. Stereotypes lend greatly to this issue; rooted in the unknown they are added upon like a Aesop Fable. But unlike a fable the moral of the story isn’t being revealed or maybe simply ignored by both parties. The level of comfort we as a society have with injustice is scary. No one is born innately with the gene to kill, abuse or oppress. These are all learned behaviors through personal experiences. Often it only take one experience to alter the moral faith you had in society. This is only repaired through EDUCATION.


The traditional educational route is not the only piece of the puzzle. A complete education that includes effective communication with discussions, a willingness to learn from each other and a desire for change. On the surface those objectives seem manageable and parallel to what most Americans believe. However, the belief system in our homes, communities even society has been scarred through a myriad of instances of wrongdoing.

The recent onslaught of police/citizen incidents stem from the the fork in road between right and wrong. YES, it’s as simple as that. The thin grey area between the two is when conversations need to take place, because that place is where conflicts arise. The resolution using effective means will create a foundation of trust. In turn that creates a sense of confidence in your fellow man which extends to the community.

As simplistic as this may sound, they are numerous barriers preventing it from occurring. The solution starts with YOU and TODAY!


Make the conscience effort to evoke positive change or allow change to occur within yourself.
Discover that you have more in common with your neighbor than you think.
Discuss the differences and be open to acquire new insight
Make the necessary positive changes in yourself


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