Sports Q&A Podcast: August 21st 2014




How the Jackie Robinson West program in Chicago was built. Special guest was former player Jason Fullman. We discussed how the program started and why its so successful today and that the MLB could learn a thing from them if they want to improve the lack of blacks in the Major Leagues

Do athletes/entertainers have a responsibility to speak out when injustices like the Mike Brown killing in Ferguson MO, take place. The great ability of the kids from chicago and philly to make the journey to Williamsport despite the community issues they may face.

College Football:

Has the injury to Braxton Miller done damage to the rest of Big 10 conference as well?

Is Brian Kelly responsible for the academic issues and do you believe his excuses of not knowing?


How relevant are the successes/failures of the pre-season

Did the Browns handle Johnny Football right

Because I got high… the impact of Lagarrett Blount and Laveon Bell being caught smoking the ganja


Are the Tigers done and are the fans hasty for wanting to get rid of Brad Ausmus?

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