A Fan’s Guide to Dunking


Around NBA All-Star Weekend conversations always occur about the best dunkers of all-time. There was an excellent panel discussion on NBA TV featuring Dr. J, Dominique Wilkins, Kenny Smith, Steve Kerr, T-Mac, and Charles Barkley this weekend.

It lead me to ponder about who is the greatest dunker of all-time. But just like most greatest lists there has to be some parameters and characteristics that are used to narrow the field. First we must define the dunk and then the dunker.

Definition of a dunk-:a shot in basketball made by jumping high into the air and throwing the ball down through the basket

5 types of Dunkers

Smooth Operator– the picture of perfection; unsuspecting, yet lethal; dunks like most people breathe out and in

The top two competitors in this category are arguably the best Dunkers of all-time in, but I feel they were the same type of dunker. The master vs. the student…..Dr. J vs. MJ..this probably will be the toughest decision, but no need for discussion….The master wins….HANDS DOWN!

Power Outage– has no regard for human life; would dunk on his momma in public & laugh in her face

Most people think only of one person (The Human Highlight Film) when you talk about top power dunkers….so did I till I watched some film. The battle comes down Dominique, The Rain Man-Shawn Kemp and Blake Griffin. Before I determine my winner, I would like to give a shoutout to the creator of the inventor of the reinforced basketball rim, but these guys have made him millions lol….even though I feel Nique is the best dunker of my generation in this category ….I’m getting my umbrella to protect me from the hail the Rain Man brings!!!

Big Top Pee Wee– has something to prove due to height restrictions; most creative dunker; will never let you live it down if he catches you slipping

Probably the smallest pool of Dunkers, it doesn’t stop it from being the most exciting. The most infamous little big man is 5’7 Spud Webb….he is best known for his Dunk contest championships! but Imam excluding these from my decision-making process. His challenger Nate Robinson definitely graduate “Magna Cum Dunka” from Spud’s school of dunk and has surpassed his teacher!!

Showtime– cannot be defined by words alone; shows up and shows out, daily; will haunt your dreams

The excitement that this category bring is electrical and is the true definition of NBA action being fantastic….Vince-sanity vs. King James. Very simple a neck and neck race but the determining factor for me was this dunk right here:


No list is the top dunkers could be complete without looking at the top 10 dunks of all time….until next time, I’m headed to pump up my Reebok!!

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