2015 football recruit Jayru Campbell allegedly bodyslams a high school security guard (video)

In the wake of the Richard Sherman outburst during his post game interview with Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship game, people are beginning to wonder if football players are able to control their emotions– It looks as if that issue has now surfaced on the high school level as well.

On Tuesday evening Detroit Cass Technical High School quarterback Jayru Campbell was taken into police custody after he allegedly body slammed a school security guard. While in the video below it is unclear who the instigator was, it has been confirmed by multiple students that Campbell, a 6’3 190lbs young man, was the aggressor in this specific incident. 

It is now being speculated by Cass Technical students that the security guard had been harassing Campbell since returning from Christmas break and this will the culmination of his frustration. If this is true, it still does not absolve the young man from engaging in this violent behavior and he should have alerted school officials instead of retaliating.

Campbell currently is committed to Michigan State University and it is unsure if the coaching staff at the university has seen the video and their feelings on his status with the university. But you have to wonder if this is the is the type of player the Spartans want in their program as they look to build upon the momentum gained from the 2014 Rose Bowl victory over the Stanford Cardinal. The team had previous off-the-field issues with players and Head Coach Mark Dantonio may not want to go down that road again with a player that isn’t even enrolled in the university yet.

Unfortunately this is the second incident in three months that has been caught on video involving Campbell. In the handshake line after a November game versus Detroit Catholic Central, Campbell was caught on tape punching an opponent following the loss in the 2013 Michigan State Championship Game.

 It appears that this young man has anger issues and it is important for anyone close to him deal with this behavior– if they don’t, Campbell could very well be on the path to become that “thug” that so many wrongfully label Richard Sherman.

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