Philadelphia Eagles fans are sore losers and take out their frustration on Saints fans

We know Philadelphians love their sports teams and have no problem showing — but there is a thin line between being a fan and being disrespectful.

In the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles loss to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Divisional Playoff game Saturday, there have been multiple reports on the internet of fan disrespect by over-zealous Eagles fanatics.

The video below shows a New Orleans Saints fan celebrating the last second field goal by Shayne Graham to give New Orleans the 26-24 victory. During the celebration, a disgruntled Eagles fan takes exception and spits on him.

What makes the act bold is the fact that the guy told him he was going to do it.

On Twitter @khanye__west gave his account of how another angered Eagles fan disliked seeing the Saints jersey he was wearing so much, that he tried to take it off him. From the tweets, it did not work out too well for the Eagles fan. (read it from the bottom to the top)

saints fan

What would you have done if you were harassed like this for being a fan of the road team?

Have Philadelphia sports fans created a culture of disrespect towards visiting teams?

Do you think this is just an issue in Philadelphia or have you encountered fans in other cities to be just as disrespectful?

Is there anything stadiums/arenas can do to protect fans from being subjected to this type of disrespect?

2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Eagles fans are sore losers and take out their frustration on Saints fans

  1. Are you kidding me? The saints fan was being a fucking jackass screaming in the fans face, I’m glad that guy spit in that faggots face, fucking stupid as shit article.

    • let me guess you are an Eagles fan… First of all the language isnt necessary, so watch your tone, he wasnt screaming in his face he was a row behind and it wasnt directed at anyone. so the eagles fan was a jerk.

      well thank you for reading

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