Cleveland Rocks, but…rarely at the same time


Over the past few weeks we have seen some great feats in sports and 2 of them have been in a port city in Ohio and I don’t mean the southernmost city that most would expect.  Speaking of that city, they are taking it tough on the chin…the Bengals got smashed by their in-state rivalry and the Reds quietly bowed out of the playoffs helping the Pirates to shake off their playoff cobwebs and advance to the NLDS against the Cardinals.  Back to the muse of my pontification this evening so as the sports world is elated about the current status of the Cleveland sports teams. I began to wonder how often has this occurred historically? I also figured I needed write this as soon as possible before their fate changed. (Too late the Indians lost 4-0 in the Wildcard play in…I mean playoff game to the Rays) and least the Browns are above .500 at 3-2 and on top of the AFC North….yes that is no misprint.

So back to the plight of the three professional teams in Cleveland who as a trio has been around since 1970 when the Cavs came on board have been playing three-card monte being north of .500.  Here’s a nuggets that most definitely could be used in some trivia question that would undoubtedly cost someone a fortune….The Cavs have the most playoff appearances in that timeframe with 18.  But looking at a city were two-thirds of the teams have made it to the championship series and undoubtedly the Browns should have made it minus the Elway magic (sorry to reopen that wound dawg pound) you would think that surely the would have been multiple years in which their were at the top of their game together. Fans outside of Cleveland may be surprised:

There’s more..or maybe not

So in the 42 years of sports there have been nine times(24%) that all three teams had losing records the most recent streak was 2010-2012. 50% of the time only one team finished above the Mason Dixon line. There have been eight times (19%) two of the three teams finished with winning records.  Only four times(10%) in history all of the teams finished with winning records even though in 96 and 97 there were only two Cleveland teams….again my apologies to the Dawg Pound. (Hope this shameless plug makes up for the pain of the Mayflower trucks)

There are here to stay

So with this overbearing data weighing heavily, I have come up with the following hypothesis on sports in Cleveland:

Cleveland is not big enough for more than one winning team!

Now its up to the current teams to prove history AND my theory wrong.  I hope for the sake of all of Northeast Ohioans that I am wrong.

So that you can play this:

Rather than:

I’m just saying

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