Michael Jordan Declares He Would Beat LeBron James in 1-on-1 in his Prime; Uncertainty on Kobe Bryant

When his airness speaks the world listens and headlines are written — so the same rules apply when a video was released Tuesday promoting the release of NBA 2K14. In the interview Jordan named players that included legends and modern day superstars that he would’veMJ Kobe LBJ loved to play 1-on-1 in his prime. Jordan’s list included Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, and to no one’s surprise Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Jordan’s response to the results of these dream matchups was plain and simple “I don’t think I would lose”; which once again showed off the competitive fire that Jordan has always possessed.  The only player that Jordan appeared to be unsure of a straight victory on this dream matchup list was Kobe Bryant, but only “because he steals all of my moves.” Jordan added. The dream scenario matchup of Jordan 1-on-1 with LeBron or Kobe in their prime has always been a topic that even the casual NBA fan is very familiar with and probably has discussed among their peers. LeBron who is on the cover of NBA 2K14 responded to Jordan’s comments following Heat training camp in the Bahamas on Tuesday by saying “I’ve thought about the matchup, but no one will ever see it and it’s not going to happen,” LeBron also added that the comments made by Jordan is good promotion for the game.

Kobe Bryant took to twitter to respond to Jordan’s comments where his tweet read “Domino effect. I stole some of his..this generation stole some of mine #thecycle” referring to Jordan’s accusations of Kobe stealing his moves. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and Kobe’s admiration of Jordan is very well documented. Some people may take the comment as a slight towards Kobe but it appears to be more of an ode of respect to the 5 time NBA champion. The cycle that Kobe refers to in his tweet is one that has been in motion since the beginning of the game; the current generation will always imitate or draw something from the elite of the previous generation.

These fantasy 1-on-1 matchups will never be seen but it is always good to just ask what if? Resumes don’t factor into 1-on-1 matchups only skills do. With that in mind the results of this match up will only be speculation and should be left to the barbershop, forums and on NBA 2K14.

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