Ndamukong Suh Fined $100,000 for chop block on Minnesota Vikings lineman John Sullivan

If you get caught cheating and somehow the relationship is salvaged, from that moment any questionable behavior you exhibit, your significant other will think that you are back to their cheating ways.

This is exactly what is happening with Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh. In the aftermath of being flagged for a chop block that negated a defensive touchdown in Sunday’s game between the Lions and the Minnesota Vikings, the media immediately began to question if the block was dirty:




Was it a bad penalty to take in that moment—yes, because the guy who intercepted the ball did not need the block to score, but to say it was done maliciously was hard to believe at first glance.  But the NFL thought otherwise and fined the young defensive tackle $100,000 for the questionable block.

There are some Lions fans that feel that the NFL only fined him because of past indiscretions — especially after not disciplining Clay Matthews for his out-of-bounds hit on quarterback Colin Kaepernick. But this is what happens when you have the reputation Suh does for questionable behavior on and off the field: fans, media, opposing players and even officials will label you as dirty and anything you do will be overly scrutinized.

suh stomp schaubnut_medium

Since 2010 Suh has been involved in many questionable incidents on the field – with most warranting the punishment received: the stomp of Evan Deitrich-Smith versus Green Bay and kicking Matt Schaub in the groin. However there were also questionable flags and fines as well — the hit on Jay Cutler  of the Chicago Bears in the 2010 game was nothing more than a stiff push that was perceived to be violent because it sent the quarterback sprawling towards the sidelines


Being named a team captain in the off-season, Suh looked to take more of a leadership role with the defense– after this incident that appointment could be more of a curse than a gift for a team that is already struggling with discipline issues.

And just like that cheater who is looking to get back in good graces, Suh will have to walk a straight line and tone down his aggressive style–  if no other reason to protect his teammates from the extra attention from officials and stop the league from thinning out his bank account.

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