The money shot: Alabama freshman Dee Liner flaunts a hand full of cash

At some point these recruits and current players will realize that everything they say and do online can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion in the sports world. That is more true when you play in the SEC, which has a reputation of being a conference that is “generous” to its recruits, and also play for the back to back BCS National Champions The University of Alabama considering that bitter fans are looking for ways to prove that their reign on the top of college football over the past 4 years was because they were a dirty program.

Dee Liner, 2013 freshman defensive lineman from Muscle Shoals Alabama, gave those detractors even more ammunition when he recently posted a photo of himself and friends showing off handfuls of money with the hashtag #struggleoverwit.


 Liner is on the far left

With the SEC and many of the larger BCS conferences pushing for players to receive a financial stipend from the NCAA, the last thing the coaches and athletic directors need to see on the internet is a photo like this because it makes people wonder:

1. How much are these guys really struggling

2. Where does a player who has yet to even play a down get access to this much money

3. Will giving the athletes additional financial assistance really put an end to the improper benefits issue that has been plaguing college sports for decades

There had always been speculation and innuendo about Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide having some type of advantage that allowed them to continuously be at the top of various recruiting websites rankings, but this is the first time that there has been evidence of something not adding up in Tuscaloosa, and even if this isn’t a result of improper benefits, Saban has to be concerned that this is evidence of a potential leak in the fortress that previously kept things like this out of the public eye.

Should college athletes receive a stipend?

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