LMAO at LMFAO lead man Redfoo venturing into the tennis world

Looking for a way of staying relevant after going on a hiatus as an artist Stefan Gordy, also known as “Redfoo” one half of the pop-rap group LMFAO and son of music mogul Barry Gordy, is venturing into the wonderful world of tennis.

The co-creator of the dance club smash hit “I’m sexy and I know it” not only is set to compete in a June qualifying tournament for the US Open as a singles competitor, he also  plans to enter the mix doubles competition with a 17 year old girl he coaches.

Redfoo, Victoria Azarenka

Sitting in the stands cheering for his girlfriend, tennis star Victoria Azarenka, wasnt enough for the once aspiring teen player and Redfoo figures that even at 37 its never too late to follow your dreams.  Not sure how much rust can accumulate on a person’s backhand after not using it for 20 years but Gordy feels its worth a shot to find out, and if it doesnt work out he can always go back to getting paid to dothis terrible dance…


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