The Buzz is back in Charlotte

In a move to rejuvenate a franchise that hasn’t given its  fanbase much to cheer about, the Charlotte Bobcats franchise has officially submitted paperwork to the NBA to have their nickname changed back to the popular “Hornets” moniker that it held from inception in 1988 until 2002 when the franchise left for New Orleans. After being awarded a franchise in 2004 then owner Robert Johnson held a competition to name the new franchise and settled on the name Bobcats which was thought to have been a play on the owners nickname Bob. The bobcat also is indigenous to the Carolina area and kept up the cat theme that the city’s NFL franchise the Carolina Panthers started back in 1995.

Once the Charlotte fans caught wind that the New Orleans franchise was set to change their name from Hornets to the Pelicans, the “return the buzz” campaign was underway. In an email to ESPN producer and Charlotte native Baron Miller, Michael Jordan himself expressed excitement in being able to return the nickname back to its rightful place, but informs him that the Hornets may not look the same in color or design once it reappears for the  2014-15 season.

Will Charlotte fans be ok if the buzz returns with a logo that doesn’t look like Hugo in a color not teal/purple or without pinstripes, or do you feel that Jordan should leave everything in its original form?

Tonight while the fanbase will be tuned into the NBA Lottery selection to see if the franchise can win the #1 overall pick, Jordan will soon be forced with a bigger decision when it comes to the color scheme and design for the uniforms/mascot because while the team needs to win the lottery to get a game changer on the court to increase wins, the fans of Charlotte may never forgive him if he allows the Hornets to look anything different than what it used to and a mishap here they could be calling for his head on a platter.



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