Buckeye fans in Charlotte duped by fake All-American

p/c charlottebuckeyes.com

In this age of technology you would think it would be hard for anyone to lie about who they are or their accomplishments, but someone was able to do it to an entire fanbase in Charlotte North Carolina. According to yahoo sports a man going by the name of Giovanni Strassini, if we are even sure that’s his real name, led The Ohio State Buckeye fans in the Queen City into believing that not only did he play tight end for the program from 1973-77  but that he was an all-American in 1976. In addition to sharing the same field as the great Archie Griffin, he also claimed to have played third base on the baseball team as well.

The scam well thought of to the point that it had evidence to validate it. Because he claimed to have played on the 1976 Rose Bowl team, in which he scored a touchdown but ironically is nowhere to be found in the box score, he needed the hardware to prove it, so somehow Strassini came into the possession of a replica Rose Bowl championship ring, but anyone doing their due diligence, they would have noticed that his ring did not resemble the actual ring given to participating players.

His story was so convincing  to the fans in Charlotte that they invited him to alumni/supporter events and even used his name as a headline for a 2012 Final Four basketball game viewing party. But here’s the kicker, they also asked him to sign a bowling pin that was to be displayed at Strike City, which was the unofficial meet up spot for many fans in the city. The pin was then proudly displayed in between two OSU greats Malcolm Jenkins and Archie Griffin, who Stassini would have played alongside with.


Eventually someone on the BuckeyePlanet.com message board started piecing together the inaccuracies of the story and eventually called him out for the fraud he was. All social media accounts related to this man have either been deleted or locked and no one has been able to get in contact with him since the truth has come out.

First it was fake girlfriends, now fake All-Americans,  what’s next… fake investigations by the NCAA over rule violations, oh yeah that already happens as well, but this shows that there are some very convincing liars in the world who will go to no end to construct a story they want to tell. But one thing that can stop fans or the everyday person from being duped like this is; the greatest invention in the internet age…


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