NFL-Never Finished League


The evolution of football over the years has been one of natural beauty; from the  uniforms to talent to marketing to relevance even now in safety.  The timing of all aspects of its season and off-season were impeccable and allowed ample time for recovery and to follow NHL/NBA playoffs and get into the swing of MLB. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO….that wasn’t enough, not the supernova that Great Goddell  has helped carry into the 21st century and beyond.  On the cusp we have the NFL Draft moving into May…that’s right May.  So from February until May we have to now listen to Mel Kiper and the likes do 80 million draft boards…OH HAPPY DAY Sad smile . (The only good thing about that is being able to play )  I for one am excited about the 18 game season, only if there will be 2 preseason games. 

I can only imagine this is the setup for moving the Super Bowl to late March or starting the season Thanksgiving Weekend or adding an extra Bye Week or Expanding to 36 teams….Let’s just stop before you ruin a great thing…Thanks

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