Nike to release the “Mega Watt”

Houston Texans superstar J.J Watt announced yesterday via twitter that Nike will be releasing a signature shoe in his honor. The “Mega Watt” is a specialized mock-up of Nike’s popular Free Trainer 5.0 that is primarily white with slight hints of red being showcased on the tongue & heel writing and will feature what appears to be a gum bottom.megawatt3

After sending out the tweet many Texan fans bombarded his twitter feed inquiring about how to get the shoe including “Boy Meets World”  star turned sexy Maxim covergirl Danielle Fishel.


There is no word yet on the release date or location where hypebeast… i mean fans, will be able to buy them for resell, my bad… for their “collection.” Most sneakerheads realize that as soon as a shoe like this has a “limited” or quickstrike title added to it, everyone will want them regardless of how the shoe looks. Be sure to follow @jjwatt to stay up on how much you will need to buy out the stock only to sell them on Instagram or Ebay.  


(yeah so what this picture has nothing to do with the article but its great eye-candy so fellas thank me later)

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