George Washington University “monument”al court redesign

Athletic directors across every major sports program are always looking for ways to get exposure for their sports team. Generally it involves a unique oregon-esq uniform updates, but lately programs have gotten a lot bolder and have gone court side to make changes. For a program like Florida International University it meant bringing the beach indoors and now at historic George Washington University they have decided to pay homage to the historic landmarks in the nation’s capital.


 “When people around the world are watching our games, we want them to immediately recognize and understand the university’s unique setting in the middle of the action in this world-class city,” Director of Athletics and Recreation Patrick Nero wrote in a press release.

 Whoever announces a nationally televised game at the Charles E. Smith Center once the floor has been updated please know the names of the monuments on the court because it would be quite embarrassing not to know them or mix them up since we already know fans and the media will have no problem letting you know about your mishap because social media has no chill, ask Drake and Miguel.


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