Wiggins picks Kansas and fans let him know how they really feel

 Sholten Singer

Sholten Singer

In somewhat of a surprise, prep superstar Andrew Wiggins selected the Kansas Jayhawks as his destination for college. Many thought that it was down to Kentucky and Florida State, but coach Bill Self did a masterful job in recruiting this Canadian phenom. Wiggins will be the centerpiece of a talented recruiting class that includes 5 star forward Wayne Selden 4 stars Joel Embiid,  Brannen Greene and Conner Frankamp, and while they may not be on the same level as the Super 6 in Kentucky, they should be able to provide enough help their first year in Lawrence that they Jayhawks remain the favorite to win the Big12 conference for the 10th straight season.

Unfortunately the announcement was not received well by fans of the other schools under consideration and many took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

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Its one thing to be fanatical about your team but it’s another to be downright disrespectful and these tweets are a perfect example of how society thinks it can say whatever it wants to whomever because it is protected by the internet. I seriously doubt these douchebags would verbalize this level of displeasure if given the opportunity to say this in the presence of Mr. Wiggins. But this is the gift and the curse of being a big time athlete; for every fan you have, there will be 10 haters who look forward to feasting on every misstep you will have and with the expansion of social media every Joe Schmo sports fan sitting in his parent’s basement will feel entitled to say whatever they feel.  So the sooner he learns to ignore and disregard these types of comments the better, because these vicious words may pale in comparison to what he may hear in his first major road test versus the University of Florida December 10 in the SEC vs Big12 challenge or any opposing team’s gymnasium who wants to rattle him off of his game.

But since he will be stuck in the Lawrence with not much to do when not in practice, we do hope that he gets to know these young ladies real well…


and for those who don’t know these are the Gonzales twins, Dylan and Dakota who will be incoming freshmen for the Lady Jayhawks basketball team. And just when we thought the collegiate woman eye-candy was gone with the graduation of Skylar Diggins, #notsofast we get double the fun.

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