Donte Stallworth releases burn photos from the near tragic hot air ballon ride

Screen-shot-2013-04-08-at-6.27.19-PMAs a NFL athlete you face the risk of being permanently injured every time you take the field, but  free agent Donte Stallworth never thought that his life would be placed in jeopardy during a romantic getaway with his girlfriend Soleil Guerrero. On March 16 both were electrocuted and severely burned after the hot air balloon they were riding in struck a power line just south of Miami. In an interview with ESPN, Stallworth said that “It was the longest two or three seconds of my life” “I literally thought I was dead” and while he only suffered burns from the jolt of electricity, Guerrero was not only electrocuted but also suffered third degree burns over her body after her area of the basket caught fire and spread to her.

Stallworth’s agent Drew Rosenhouse also was contacted by ESPN and he informed them that “He will be able to continue his NFL career. The injuries are not to the extent they will jeopardize his career.”

Circumstances like this show how precious life is and how bad things can turn in an instance, we wish a speedy recovery to both Stallworth and Guerrero.


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