For those who know me and read my blogs know I am a HUGE sports fan so when I came across this on another sports junkie page Ed the Sports Fan who got it from The Smoking Section. Feel free to post it to your blog or your Facebook page.

1. Who is your all-time favorite championship team in any sport?

The 1997 University of Michigan Wolverines. That Wolverine team stands out because I was right in the midst of the greatness. I attended the Baylor vs. U-M game and after every victory would make that trek from EMU to Ann Arbor to go party at the Elks Lodge. This was before the age of social media and thirst hungry fans looking to be part of the next story, so the players on the team felt comfortable enough coming out to celebrate with the fans. I can remember seeing Marcus Ray and U-M hoop squad members like Maceo Baston in attendance regularly and talk about “hot in herrr” my most infamous moment came during a dance off with my boy. The floor was so sweaty that my rendition of the 90s megamix dances ended me on the floor in front of EVERYONE, but I played it off as well as I could and kept hammer dancing…

2. What player’s poster did you have on your wall as a child?

Too many, I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated for kids and in every edition they had a pull out poster from Barry Sanders to Ken Griffey. But my two favorite posters were my Bill Laimbeer/Rick Mahorn Bad Boys poster and my Michael Jordan Wheaties poster. Yeah you would think that a super pistons fan wouldn’t have ANYTHING bulls related but I work AND ate hard to get the mini posters that made one big poster.

3. What’s one NFL team you would get rid of right now?

Hmm, I would have to say one of the Ohio Teams, I know it has to suck to see double ineptitude so I would spare the state the trouble and get rid of the Browns, at least Bungle fans can say they’ve been to the Super Bowl (even though their ownership SUCKS…)

4. What’s one player you cannot stand in any sport?

Can’t think of one actually… I guess if anything I would have to say Lebron James and that’s more so frustration out of hate. I can recall him being unstoppable against the Pistons in the playoffs but since that series he has turned timid.

5. What’s one word you would use to describe Kobe Bryant?


6. Finish this sentence: Baseball is ______.

Undervalued… Not enough people realize the beauty of the sport. It’s the only sport where its an individual team sport, and I wont even get on the level of strategy that goes into as well as being the big money sport.

7. What’s your favorite sports memory of all time?

One phrase sums it up “and there’s a steal by Bird…” yes it may be weird that my favorite moment involves my team being on the losing end. But it spoke to how great Larry was, and how close my pistons were to a dynasty. It was in the golden age of the NBA where there was talent from top to bottom and they played like men. The series was hard-fought and I can remember thinking as an 8-year-old YES because I just knew the game was over but screaming NOOO in a matter of seconds.

8. If you could play a sport professionally, what would it be?

Baseball… For one it’s not the most recognized sport so I could still have a personal life, and they have the longest career out of the major sports and you make the most money.

9. Will you miss the NBA this season (should there be a non-NBA)?

Yes, I am a sports junkie, any of the major sports being interrupted is a problem, I guess it will give me more time for NBA 2K13

10. You line up to run the 40-yard dash. What’s your time?

HA HA… for real… do I have to answer this, maybe a 5.8 but I’d pull up lame at the end and blame my hammy

11. What is one sports venue you want to visit before you die?

Fenway Park, The history that comes from that stadium is epic and to be able to take a tour there would be awesome. Most other “special” venues I think I could get to, there is no real reason to go to Boston unless I’m going to the park

12. Who will win the 2013 World Series?

I will stay a homer for life and even though they let me down last year I have faith in them

13. What’s the one food that MUST be at a football tailgate?

A Bratwurst… I’m not much of a beer man unless it’s a Corona with lime juice but its something about having a sausage with grilled onions and peppers that says sports event.

14. How many titles will LeBron James win before he retires?

I’ll say 4; Three with the Heat and one elsewhere

15. What one player’s jersey is hanging in your closet right now?

Unlike many, I never gave up my throwbacks, I am a sports fan so it wasn’t about the trend for me. But one of my favorites is my Mike philliesSchmidt Road Phillies jersey.

16. Watch a big game at home or at a sports bar?

At home so I don’t feel bad throwing things

17. Will Pacquiao and Mayweather ever fight?

Not really sure, #moneyteam too busy making r&b videos and fake fighting to worry about PAC MAN

18. If Peyton Manning’s career is done, does he rank top five or top 10 at quarterback?

Top 10: While he has been magic behind the center, there still have been more quarterbacks who have done more and were more impactful to their team. If he could have won that last Super Bowl then he would be knocking on the door but he didn’t

19. You get 10 shots from the NBA three-point line. How many do you make?

I am not even going to front I’m deadly from three-point and NOT in a good way so I may get lucky and hit 2. But I did play in the greek games at the Palace of Auburn Hills a couple of years back and the line didn’t seem as far as I thought it would. If I were in better shape I would say 4

20. You get a free trip to any sports Hall Of Fame, which do you choose?

Well it’s not “technically” a hall of fame but the Negro League Museum… There is so much unknown history in that place that me as a baseball fan would appreciate and plus Kansas City has some great BBQ

21. Duke basketball or UNC basketball?

Where is choice C How about the Davidson Wildcats LOL, If I must choose I will say UNC only because of my disdain for duke hoops is so great I even wrote a blog about how much they irk me. Also at least the Tarheels produced one of my favorite Pistons Rasheed Wallace.

This was fun, I may have to come up with part two of this, but not before I figure out how to grill the perfect brat and hit at least one jumper in the park near my job…

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