UPDATE: Louisville decides not to cash in & now pulls the shirt all together

                                                                                                       louisvilleIn another great move for the university, the Louisville Cardinals have decide not to take in any royalties for profits earned off the “Ri5e to the Occasion” shirts that were designed in honor of injured teammate Kevin Ware. When word first hit social media and the internet about the shirts being designed and sold, many including myself, felt it would be in poor taste for the university to profit off the misfortune of one of its athletes especially when he himself could not benefit from it. (I still suggest that the university set up a fund to where they would collect a percentage of the profits and he be able to take ownership upon graduation)

U of L associate athletic director Brent Seebohm said that U of L, “proactively decided to waive any traditional licensing royalties revenue connected to the No. 5 graphic to be worn by the team on the court. . . . The shirt was created as a respectful tribute to honor Kevin within NCAA trademark apparel parameters, and allow fans to rally around the team. Because of that, Adidas is contributing a portion of every sell to the university’s scholarship fund.”

combining this with already having agreed to pay for Kevin Ware’s full medical bills, this is a great week for the university with many fans hoping to cap this week with a victory Saturday over Wichita State.


I guess the Louisville athletic department wasnt too excited about not being able to make money. Per Darren Rovell the shirt now is unavailable for purchase. 




Do you think this was the univeristy’s initial intent or did they give into pressure?

Should College athletes be able to profit from their likeness being sold?

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