Brian Banks signs with the Atlanta Falcons

brian banks                                                 This years NFL free agency period has hit a lull, but perhaps one of the most newsworthy signing of the 2013 season took place today. The Atlanta Falcons have signed linebacker Brian Banks. While his name may not be known like Wes Welker or Mike Wallace, his story is. It is one of triumph and redemtion and for those who may not know Banks is the former California prep star who was wrongfully accused of rape and kidnapping charges in 2002 and subsequently served 5 years and was added to the registered sex offenders list. Nearly 10 years after the incident was supposed to have taken place the victim contacted Banks via Facebok and admitted that the whole story had been fabricated.

In 2012 Banks had signed with the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL in order to begin the process of realizing his NFL dreams and thanks to people like Jay Glazer who supported him and the Atlanta Falcons organization that dream has come true.


Below is the 60 Minutes story hosted by James Brown that goes more in depth about what really happened and the long journey that this young man has been on to get to this day of celebration.

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