Rutgers basketball coach tirade on players source of mid-season suspension


   mikerice            Coaches have always been known to push the envelope to try to motivate their players, but this time one of them took it too far. Head men’s basketball coach Mike Rice had been suspended for 3 games and fined $50,000 during this past season but no one really knew why, until now. There is now video evidence showing the head man of the Scarlet Knights firing all kinds of compound cuss words and other lewd language in addition to  balls at his players. This week alone SF Vincent Garrett and SG Malick Kone transferred out of the program for alleged issues with the system and playing time but since the release of the tape many have speculated that abuse could have played a role in the decision for the two to go elsewhere to continue their college career. After being fed up with the treatment of the players,  director of player development Eric Murdock decided to make the school officials aware of the issues, but rather than applaud him for protecting the players best interest, the university fired him. Since his dismissal Murdock decided to take the evidence to the highest court in sports media ESPN and also has begun the process to bring litigation against the university for wrongful termination. The ESPN show Outside the Lines had planned on airing the story this upcoming Sunday, but in a PR move to get in front of the issue, the university itself released the footage to reporters today.

Athletic Director Tim Pernitti has already come out and reassured the Scarlet Knight supporters that Rice will not be fired, even he has struggled on the court as well never having posted a winning season in the three years he has been at the helm and finishing up the 2012-13 season with a 15-16 record.

(the language is graphic so NSFW)

Should Rutgers have fired Mike Rice for his inappropriate actions?

Should the NCAA get involved to see if more improprieties have taken place within the program?

What would you have done if you were those players? 

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