Ford Field to offer free Wi-Fi to fans


           Being able to see any sporting event live is an exciting opportunity, but it doesn’t come without having major drawbacks and perhaps the biggest issue for fans, who head to stadiums across the world to watch their favorite sports in person, is that they don’t have the opportunity to replay a critical moment in the game (outside an occasional jumbotron replay which may not show the full play)  like fans watching the game on television.  Officials at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, have taken steps to overcome this major inconvenience by first offering free Wi-Fi to the fans in attendance as well as giving them the option of downloading a free Lions app that will allow them to watch replays.

But there is a catch, isn’t there always one, the service is part of a 4 million dollar system upgrade within the stadium with communication provider Verizon, so only those who have their phone/internet services with them will be able to benefit from the new tool.

Ford Field is the first major stadium in  Michigan and 9th NFL stadium to offer the free internet access, so while this is still in the infancy stages, I imagine there will come a time where stadiums will allow fans who have other phone/internet carriers to be able to partake in the service, even if it may come at a cost.

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