Best “Dunk on You” moment

With social media and cyber-space still abuzz over the DeAndre Jordan monster dunk on Brandon Knight, there has now become a debate on whether this was the greatest dunk of all time. To those who feel that way, I must say slow your roll, this generation is so “in the moment” that they forget the greatness of the past. I went digging in the YouTube vault and pulled out some of the best dunks I could think of, and I will let you vote to show where they all rank in the pantheon of “DUNK ON YOU” history

1. Vince Carter over Fredric Weis in the Olympics

2. Shawn Kemp’s leap and point at Alton Lister

3. John Starks skies over “Da Bulls”

4. Scottie Pippen “air-bags” Ewing and punks Spike

5.  Or there may be a dunk that didn’t make the list that you feel should have

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