GM A’s: Top 10 NFL Free Agents

Being the newly hired General Manager of a team who underachieved and has multiple holes to fill and an open bank account….. here’s a listing of the Top 10 FAs I would go after and why:



This is a no-brainer….4 Pro Bowls, 1 All-Pro, 6’7 315 and the anchor of any line.  He has the ability to create massive wholes and make the average RB look like an HOFer.  Also, is a natural leader who will definitely make the entire line better.  The injury questions are minute in my mind and I will be at his door at the strike of midnight on March 12th and lock him up for 5-7 years.


Packers Falcons Football

Seeing the defensive backfield being a weak link on our team, we need a leader who will improve the team.  Robinson doesn’t necessarily have the reputation of being a lock down corner, but he has the intangible skills that cant be measured: above-average tackler, good hands and moxy that’s contagious.  I’m willing to take a chance that he will be able to create the .75 seconds my front 7 need to bring havoc on opposing QBs. Definitely a 2-4 year deal


Reggie Bush Miami Dolphins v Atlanta Falcons uaANo4srCuxl

Finally the former Heisman Trophy winner has somewhat reached his potential.  Being the combination back he showed back at SC.  I wouldn’t dare go after Reggie without having other options, since I have a few piece.  So now I can put Reggie at any of 4-5 positions depending on the formations, but just make sure he gets the rock in space.  A 3 year deal is on the plate.



You can’t teach world class speed.  Ginn has been a player that has been underused in his brief NFL career.  I have big plans for him, but the fact he hasn’t had much success will allow us to get one of the low-key steals of the draft.  This 5 year, incentive laden deal  will allow him to maximize his potential and finally be that WR/KR threat he has flirted with for years….emphasis on WR.



Unrealized potential/bad decisions is the main reason his is available.  With that being a portion of it, he has never been paired with a fellow DB who made him push to be better.  Position battles are where legends are made.   A 2-year deal with the promise to re-up based on performance



A big hitter, great tackler and excellent hands wonder why the dirty birds let him go….one teams trash is my team’s treasure.  In today’s PFL (Passing Football League) you have to have playmakers on boy sides of the ball.  Coming off of the rookie contract, he will be rewarded handily with at least a 5 year deal……I’m building for the long haul



Another quality safety who loves to bring the pain.  A injury-plagued career coupled with not having a fellow safety that was even average led Delmas to try to do too much.  Having Moore as his Batman will allow him to flourish and show what he has only done in flashes, but he will have only 1-year to prove he’s worthy.


USA Sports - November 12, 2007

In the Free Agent game, you have to be wise in signing 10+ year vets.  Signing Urlacher would be not to rekindle the Urlacher of old, but to allow him to be put in a position to succeed as much as possible as well as to have my young LBs pick up as much as possible from a future HOFer.  Playing with an aggressive , hard hitting defense would make this the perfect landing spot for Urlacher, but he has only 2 years to make this D championship ready.



By far the best guard in free agency, but at 32 a lot of my constituents will stray away.  I am willing to take a big risk, keeping him at guard and switching my guard of the future to C while aging vet teaches him the ropes.  My personal timeline for a championship is 3 years, so I will give Moore until that time to prove is a major part of that movement. 



I know, I know…up until now, you thought I had some potential until this signing, but before you fully condemn me, consider this he has all the tangibles that makes a quality LB, but has yet to have someone hold him to that standard on the field….the signing of Ulacher proceeds this signing, with the understanding you are on a 1 inch leash….pretty much last chance…1-year at the league minimum with the the inside trade to be the heir apparent

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