The Rapping Showtime Lakers- “Just say no to drugs”



While searching Youtube trying to find old videos of the “Showtime” Lakers to do a tribute post for the passing of former owner Dr. Jerry Buss, I came across this The Rapping Lakers doing a PSA for saying no to drugs. This video was truly indicative of the environment Dr. Buss had created during his tenure as owner, and while none of them were ever mistaken as the next RUN DMC, I can guarantee that the players and even Pat Riley enjoyed doing it. This was what Dr Buss wanted, a family atmosphere where everyone from the players to workers at the L.A. Forum felt like family, and this family cared enough to take time to reach out to the community and show how they felt about the war on drugs. Dr. Jerry Buss was ahead of his time and was crucial to creating what we see in the NBA today, from drafting and trading for the right players to create a flashy product on the court to making  the Form the place to be for the whose-who of Hollywood, he made sure that the fans who came to see the Lakers were going to get to see a show. And not only was Dr. Buss one of the most influential NBA owners but sports in general and the legacy he created will live on and he will be missed by all, even by this Pistons fan.

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