Home turf advantage: NCAA tries to prohibit Boise State’s all blue home uniforms

The blue smurf field of Boise StMust be a slow day in the NCAA offices… Word in cyber-space is that the NCAA is pushing hard to prohibit Boise State University from wearing their all blue uniforms on their blue turf. While there are other teams that this rule could impact, Oregon and MSU come to mind when they decide to wear their all green uniforms, all college football fans know this is directly targeting Boise State. The Mountain West already had Iinsitituted a rule prohibiting the use of the uniforms and a caveat to keep the Broncos in the MWC instead of leaving for the Big East was to lift the ban.

My question is how does boise blending in with their field give them that much of an advantage that the NCAA has to get involved and enact a bs rule. Shouldnt they be worried about investigating schools for rule infractions that have more influence in the success of a program??? But this is another reason why NCAA President Mark Emmert is slowly catching up to King Goddell as one of the most disliked sports figureheads.Does all blue really distract opponents?

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